Favorite Video of our Little Man!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Baby Landon!

April 5, 2015

Early Sunday morning Doug and I arrived at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center to start the process of having our new little man arrive! I was so excited to see my new little man cub I couldn't wait! They started me on Pit and all was going great until the real labor pains began... I might as well have just done the entire thing all natural, because that darn epidural did nothing except for make my blood pressure drop incredibly low. He was so low I could feel him the ENTIRE time. All I wanted to do was push, but they wouldn't let me because apparently it would cause a lot more problems so I followed the rules and just laid there in great discomfort until 2:15 when I was FINALLY told I could push! It was funny because it was right in the middle of President Monson's talk when I was having this sweet boy, and President Monson was telling a story about a little boy named Landon. That is all I heard of that talk. I remember thinking to myself, I guess the name we had picked out was meant to be! Hahaha.

Our sweet little Easter present arrived at 2:29 p.m. weighing in at 7lbs and 15 oz!!! He was 20 inches long and had the BLUEST face you would ever see. The nurses and doctors kept reassuring us that he was getting enough oxygen his little head just took a pretty great beating on the way out. Poor little guy. He was so handsome. To his dad and I he looked just like his older brother Karston but everyone had their own opinion. He just looked like Landon! He is his own person! He came 2 weeks early thank goodness. My babies keep getting bigger and bigger. I started bleeding with him and it never got terrible but it got to the point where Dr. Hall was a bit concerned that the bleeding hadn't stopped so he decided to take him while all was well, which I am so thankful.

One experience I just have to share because well it meant something to me...Sometimes you experience these "Ah Ha"  moments when you least expect them. I had one of these moments with Doug that I don't ever want to forget. It was so special to me. While I was in the process of pushing and crying because it hurt so bad I remember I looked up at Doug. Now when you are in the process of Childbirth parts of it I am sure is indeed beautiful just thinking about wow, my body made that... but lets face it its not the most attractive or dignified moments...However, I remember very very vividily looking at Douglas and he was looking at me as if I was the most beautiful thing EVER... At that moment I undoubtedly knew that this man truly truly loves me. Now, this may sound like I didn't think he loved me before this. This is SOOOOO not true. He has always been very kind, loving, and thoughtful to me and never once had I ever questioned his love for me. But, this tender moment just reminded me how much he cares for me and loves me and I hope I never forget that moment.

Landon, we LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU! We are so grateful your chunky little body came to our family. I know that your Grandpa is one of your many guardian angels and  I know you know him. Your big expressive eyeballs remind me of him as well as your build. How I wish you could have known him. I will forever hold dear the opportunity I had of being able to serve him and tell him that we were having you the night he passed away. It still seems surreal that he is gone. I want you to know that he was a good man. He was a very hard worker. He LOVED music and I know he loved you. Even now you still go grab his picture and you talk to it as if he were talking right back. That melts my heart.

Landon Terry may you always remember who you are and what great significance your name is. Never put your name to shame. I know you won't! I love you Landon! Thanks for coming to our family!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Easter...... April 4, 2015

Wow! An entire year full of life events, special memories, and not a single one written about. How very very sad!

I need... no I HAVE to get back into this blogging thing! Not for me but for my children!

A lot has happened in our crazy little world, so what better time than now to try and get back into the swing of journaling! Lets start where we left off! EASTER 2015! Karston entered a coloring contest with his dentist office. Karston HATES HATES HATES coloring for him to do this was mind boggling. I have to say he worked sooooo hard on this picture. He took a couple days to get it just so. His hard work paid off though because he won $25.00!!!! I was so proud of him!

 We celebrated Easter early because we knew I was going to be in the hospital on Easter having sweet baby Landon. We wanted to try the shaving cream and food coloring experiment. It was way fun and I think our eggs turned out pretty awesome! Grandma Purcell came over to join in on the fun!
 Jayden LOVED the feel of the shaving cream! Haha I think he had the most fun!

 Letting our eggs sit in the color...Can't wait to see if it works!
 Not to shabby if I do say so myself!
 Our Easter morning was Saturday April 4, 2015. Luckily the Easter bunny received our message in time and didn't forget to come early so mom and dad could see our boys open their Easter presents! You must always start with yummy Albertson Donuts and Chocolate milk! YUMMMY!

 Fun Easter treasures!
It was a great day. I am so grateful for this sweet little family of mine! Now its BABY TIME!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


So here are just a few fun pictures of what has been happening in 2015. Trying to get caught up on my life hahaha. Adjusting to 3 cute kiddos has not been an easy task! Karston went through a phase where he LOVED to wear big people shoes. He always made me laugh when he would do this because he would act like he was an adult. So cute and funny!

 Just two cute brothers getting ready for bed and trying to convince their mom to let them stay up with those cute little smiles.
 Jayden and I had a few little dates while Karston was at Kindergarten. Trying to get all the time I could in with this little baby before the real baby actually arrives! Love that little face!
 There are no words...Karston being Karston!
 I started to teach Karston piano this year since he was showing a great interest in it. I can't believe how quickly he has picked it up. He is so good he is giving lessons now! Hahahaha this was a very frustrating experience for him as Jayden is still to little to want to cooperate. You gave it your best though Karston!
 Anytime Grandpa Wendall or Grandma K are outside the kids run right over to help do whatever chore they are working on. In this picture Jayden and Grandpa Wendall are using car scrapers to pick up dog doodoo!
 Jayden fell asleep on the counter. When I was trying to get him to wake up he would get so mad at me and yell "I am listening to the Machine." Still not sure what machine is on or under the counter but whatever you say little man!
 Doug always sends me 13 roses on the day he proposed to me which is February 13. 12 orange and 1 red! Love that he does this every year. I love that man of mine!
 Doug and I had to go up one Sunday and sing with the choir. When we came back Karston and Jayden were all snuggled under Doug's coat eating carrot sticks. I love when my boys are nice to each other and behave when mom and dad aren't there for a few minutes! Good boys!!!
 Lunch date with daddy! We LOVE to visit dad at work. Especially if we get to have picnics on the job site! Best day ever! They got to ride on the lift, eat pizza, spend time with dad and when we were leaving......

 We got to watch an excavator and dump trucks! How awesome is that. The guy in the excavator even took his bucket and waved to the kids with it. They thought that was the coolest thing ever! I was grateful for the kindness he showed to the boys!
 Karston is also into drawing lately. This is a card he made for Grandma Purcell. She is the one with the straight hair and for some reason he decided to give himself a perm. Hahaha!
 One night I came upstairs to find my 3 boys laying in the same position and in order...Oldest to youngest. It was so cute I had to take a picture!
 Karston being a detective. I love his ear in this picture!
 Not sure who he was dressed up as in this picture. Such a cute little dork!
 They had Dr. Seuss day at school. On the way home he found himself a flower and he was pretty convinced it has Who's inside! So we had to keep it in a safe place.
 I love that my kids love to work. No matter what the weather is like they always like to be working with dad. Karston is sitting here looking at a supply magazine waiting for dad to come pick him up.
 All through my pregnancy Jayden said he was growing an alligator. So here we are comparing bellies to see who's is bigger. I think I am beating the Alligator belly!
 Jayden helping mom clean the garage. He is always so excited to get to vacuume the mess up and I'm so glad he likes to do it!
 Cute twinners!
 Ohh Jaydens hair. It is something else and we aren't exactly sure what to do with it! Love looking at that face though!
 Just having "Brother Time" before church starts!
 These boys were so excited to help get things ready for their new baby. It was fun watching them work together to bring up the crib.
 Karston mailed me a sweet little card. I love this age where they do cute things like mail mom cards!

Karston's Kindergarten class. Mrs. Spencer was his teacher!

 Don't underestimate the power and sharpness of plastic kid utensils. This little butter knife cut through an apple.

 More "Brother Time."
 Jayden the sailer!
 Jayden being a monster in the tubby! Hahahaha
 So I am activity day leader and one of the girls brother drew this picture and I loved it so much we had to document it haha! Doesn't it just make you smile!
 Jayden.....The boy that never comes inside clean! Ugh!
 We had to get pictures of us being pregos before one of us explodes. What better night to document than when we go see Cinderella! I love girl night!
 My Aunt Sharon served a mission at the temple in the Dominican Republic. She got proposed to and met Elder Jeffery R. Holland. What a fabulous time she had! I made that awesome sign by the way!

 Jayden showing me that cute grin of his!
 Karston got up all by himself, dressed himself for church, AND did his hair before coming down. I was so proud of him!
 My little love bugs!
 Karston took such good care of me during this pregnancy. He was always rubbing my feet, legs, and back. I was so very grateful for him during those 9 months of sick and yuckiness!
 Grammy's birthday!
 Jayden and Karston were playing hide and seek so Jayden hid in Daddy's coat!
 I am the Stake Camp Director and this was the refreshment I made for our First Aid training night!
 We are officially ready for our little baby to come home!

 Selfie Time!
 Jayden sniffed a few 100 dandelions if you can't tell!
 Beginning to work on cleaning up our back yard. It was a big mess!

 I accidentally forgot to switch cutters and did a good number on my poor baby's neck. I felt so bad. Luckily he didn't seem too bothered by it.. Whew!
Well that is a good start. I will post some more again hopefully very soon!