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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Baby Landon!

April 5, 2015

Early Sunday morning Doug and I arrived at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center to start the process of having our new little man arrive! I was so excited to see my new little man cub I couldn't wait! They started me on Pit and all was going great until the real labor pains began... I might as well have just done the entire thing all natural, because that darn epidural did nothing except for make my blood pressure drop incredibly low. He was so low I could feel him the ENTIRE time. All I wanted to do was push, but they wouldn't let me because apparently it would cause a lot more problems so I followed the rules and just laid there in great discomfort until 2:15 when I was FINALLY told I could push! It was funny because it was right in the middle of President Monson's talk when I was having this sweet boy, and President Monson was telling a story about a little boy named Landon. That is all I heard of that talk. I remember thinking to myself, I guess the name we had picked out was meant to be! Hahaha.

Our sweet little Easter present arrived at 2:29 p.m. weighing in at 7lbs and 15 oz!!! He was 20 inches long and had the BLUEST face you would ever see. The nurses and doctors kept reassuring us that he was getting enough oxygen his little head just took a pretty great beating on the way out. Poor little guy. He was so handsome. To his dad and I he looked just like his older brother Karston but everyone had their own opinion. He just looked like Landon! He is his own person! He came 2 weeks early thank goodness. My babies keep getting bigger and bigger. I started bleeding with him and it never got terrible but it got to the point where Dr. Hall was a bit concerned that the bleeding hadn't stopped so he decided to take him while all was well, which I am so thankful.

One experience I just have to share because well it meant something to me...Sometimes you experience these "Ah Ha"  moments when you least expect them. I had one of these moments with Doug that I don't ever want to forget. It was so special to me. While I was in the process of pushing and crying because it hurt so bad I remember I looked up at Doug. Now when you are in the process of Childbirth parts of it I am sure is indeed beautiful just thinking about wow, my body made that... but lets face it its not the most attractive or dignified moments...However, I remember very very vividily looking at Douglas and he was looking at me as if I was the most beautiful thing EVER... At that moment I undoubtedly knew that this man truly truly loves me. Now, this may sound like I didn't think he loved me before this. This is SOOOOO not true. He has always been very kind, loving, and thoughtful to me and never once had I ever questioned his love for me. But, this tender moment just reminded me how much he cares for me and loves me and I hope I never forget that moment.

Landon, we LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU! We are so grateful your chunky little body came to our family. I know that your Grandpa is one of your many guardian angels and  I know you know him. Your big expressive eyeballs remind me of him as well as your build. How I wish you could have known him. I will forever hold dear the opportunity I had of being able to serve him and tell him that we were having you the night he passed away. It still seems surreal that he is gone. I want you to know that he was a good man. He was a very hard worker. He LOVED music and I know he loved you. Even now you still go grab his picture and you talk to it as if he were talking right back. That melts my heart.

Landon Terry may you always remember who you are and what great significance your name is. Never put your name to shame. I know you won't! I love you Landon! Thanks for coming to our family!

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